Meet Sew Joy Creations!

sarah_v_profile_picIt’s time to meet another of Patterns to Print’s talented designers! Sarah Vanderburgh creates quilt block inspired projects and lives in Canada.

How often do you sew?
I try to sew everyday! And I try not to be too hard on myself when I don’t 🙂 I usually get to my quilting space by 8 at night if I’ve been out teaching during the day. Keeping my space organized and having a visual reminder of what’s next on my list helps me use my time effectively.

What do you like to sew best of all?
Traditional patchwork quilt blocks in bright, modern colors. If I can make them into a project for someone special it’s even better! How did you start sewing?
I started sewing by reading old quilt magazines. I was experiencing health problems and having difficulties conceiving. I decided to make a baby quilt and hoped the baby would follow – and she did 🙂 Some of my first projects were collaborations with my sister. We made wedding wall hangings for my cousins that featured a cross stitch design framed in quilt blocks. I used to make my own cardboard templates and hand piece my blocks. That passed quickly! I’ve basically been designing from my very first stitch!Do you have any sewing ambitions?
I am always open to learning new things. I am working on learning free motion quilting this year so that I can hopefully finish some more of my quilts! I have also been watching the curve piecing templates come onto the market and think I want to try them out. I’m also interested in making more detailed bags – with interfacing and feet and grommets.
Are there any more patterns in the works that you can tell us about?
I am thrilled to share that I have two quilts being published in Canadian magazines this year – one should be out soon and another in the spring. I have some of my own designs waiting for patterns to be written – a baby quilt and a lap size quilt – both use 10 inch square precuts. My latest published pattern is Liberated Churn Dash placemats which uses a different liberated piecing technique than my large queen size quilt pattern.

Sarah blogs at Sew Joy Creations.
Check out her patterns HERE.

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