Preparing for the Alder Skirt walkthrough

This week will be the start of the next series of sew along posts for the Alder Skirt.

I’m actually not going to have a sewing machine in a fortnight as I’m packing up a small amount of possessions and moving abroad! The Alder skirt though is a quick and easy dressmaking project, so I’m pretty sure I can manage it.

Measure your hips and waist – don’t assume that you’ll be your usual shop bought size. Hip size is the most important of the two, so match it to that best you can. If you’re in between two sizes, I’ll show you how to adjust the pattern in the next post.

Fabric-wise you are going to want about 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 yards of 44″ wide fabric depending on your size. If you choose a thick woven it will be more rigid than a lighter cotton. I have three choices, any suggestions for which to pick? I have a fleecy bear print, a float grey floral which I would make contrasting pockets for, or a thicker woven orange with a cute border print which would definitely need to align along the hem.


The paper pattern takes a bit of printing because it’s a lot larger than a bag pattern, so get it printed and taped together (don’t cut it out unless you know you don’t want to modify the measurements) and I’ll meet you here in a few days’ time!


Also… Why not go along to our Facebook page to win a copy of this month’s British Patchwork and Quilting? It has a pattern inside by PennyDog and we have two to giveaway to those who comment on this post!

Another little giveaway for you! I have two spare copies of British Patchwork and Quilting, December 2015 issue brand new with my Dahlia cushion pattern inside. Leave a comment here to enter to win!

Posted by Patterns to Print on Sunday, November 29, 2015



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