The Necessary Clutch Wallet – A Mini-series – Part 3

Janelle of Emmaline Bags has kindly offered a giveaway for anyone who may be making an NCW too! The next post in the series will be the last one, and you will have an opportunity to link up with your own creation and be in with the chance to win a prize!

The prize is a $20 voucher to spend on hardware at Emmaline Bags (twist locks anyone?) and your next Emmaline PDF pattern for free! Also if you feature in the newsletter, you can win your next Patterns to Print pattern, so there’s an extra chance to win a prize. Make sure you come back for the last post. You may want to follow the blog or the Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss out.

In the meantime though, for this post, Janelle has asked me to make the zipper pouch as a post of it’s own and I’m more than happy to do that if it helps!

This is the correct way to position your first skinny and interfaced bit with the zip in between. The small bit is on the bottom facing up and the zip is inside. Don’t worry if your zip is longer, that’s not at all a problem as you will shorten it later.

Zip feet are essential here!

When lining up the other side of the zip, line the fabric with the other panels so that the zip is in the same position at both sides.

When the two sides are stitched it should look like this…

Continue through the instructions and cut the zip close to the stitches so that it turns right side out nicely. The inside will have the two smaller pieces inside with raw edges. Stitch across the bottom.

You should now have three bits, ready for the final stage…

Notice how I’ve not got the eyelet part of the clasp fitted on the flap of this one? I’m trying out adding it at the end and seeing of I get a straighter, nicer result than my other two, time will tell!

One more post to go!


2 thoughts on “The Necessary Clutch Wallet – A Mini-series – Part 3

  1. I agree it’s very useful to use a zipper foot. I was using my 1/4 picking foot at first and couldn’t figure or why it wasn’t coming out right. Sewing beginner here!


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